Griffin Ferre ‘17

Why are you running the L.A. Marathon?

I think this is an incredible opportunity to really push myself to my limits, physically and mentally. Also, I’m very excited to be running with a group of people and hopefully we can all push each other. I think it will be so much more rewarding to complete it as a CMC squad and I also think it will be very fulfilling to know that I’m running for something more than myself and that hopefully I can in some way help others have the same awesome CMC experience that I have. Also, maybe there’ll be some cute girls at the marathon.

What is the biggest challenge in training for the L.A. Marathon?

Anyone who has tolerated my many attempts at delivering inspirational speeches can tell you, a common Griffism is “It’s all right here” which makes much more sense when I’m saying it with a knowing smile and pointing to my head. And I certainly think that’s true. Running a marathon is almost entirely mental and requires you to keep pushing yourself past what you previously thought you could do. Also, waking up early to run is never easy.