Sam Kunz ‘15

For me, participating in CMC 26.2 is not only the perfect way to conclude an incredible four years here, but it has also provided me with a new outlet to identify myself as I transition into the dreaded, illusory “real world.” First, it’s such honor to represent the college and bring awareness to the need for more student scholarships and financial aid, being a recipient of need-based assistance myself. I want to run the marathon to show how grateful I am for this educational opportunity, and I also hope that it helps us work toward ensuring that no student is denied the chance to attend CMC due to financial strain. Further, and on a more personal level, CMC 26.2 has helped me redefine myself as an athlete. I began training for this marathon shortly after concluding my college soccer career with the CMS Athenas, admittedly to distract myself from missing the sport and my team. Not only has running eased the post-season slump, but it has also helped me realize that I can start a new athletic journey with running. At the very least, I can put off becoming a washed-up athlete for just a little bit longer! – Sam Kunz ‘15


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