Start Running

We’re writing to invite you to get involved in a new student initiative raising money for CMC’s financial aid. We care deeply about lowering economic barriers to a CMC education and increasing socioeconomic diversity on campus. We want to help raise funds to meet the $100 million goal of the Student Imperative, but as students, we lack the financial resources to make that happen.

To make an impact, we’re organizing a team of students to run the LA Marathon on March 15th. We are asking members of the CMC community to pledge a donation to the Student Imperative for every student who finishes. We have already received overwhelming support from students and alumni, and are now asking for your help as well.

In the five days since we sent our email, 92 students have expressed interest in joining this team. At some point, one of them may ask you for a donation, but for now we’re asking for a different kind of support. This Monday, our 18 week training program begins. Whether for marathon day, a few training runs, or the whole process, we’d like to invite you to join us. No matter your experience, we welcome your involvement.

To make a pledge to support each student running the marathon, click here: 

To make a one-time gift, click here: 


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