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Runner’s World & Running Times

With the Los Angeles Marathon just days away, Runner’s World & Running Times has posted a new story on its website about the participation of our students, community members, and President Chodosh in this year’s marathon to raise awareness for The Student Imperative. It’s not only a terrific feature highlighting the initiative taken by Ben Tillotson ’15 and […]

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Melody Sue ‘16

I’m running because I have no excuses not to. It’s for a good cause and it’s a good form of exercise. I’m in good physical condition so I should take this opportunity to complete a marathon. My biggest challenge so far is increasing the number of miles each week. Getting sick really throws my schedule […]

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Griffin Ferre ‘17

Why are you running the L.A. Marathon? I think this is an incredible opportunity to really push myself to my limits, physically and mentally. Also, I’m very excited to be running with a group of people and hopefully we can all push each other. I think it will be so much more rewarding to complete […]

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Hester Lam ’15

To be honest, I hate running.  I first considered running in high school when I heard about the Princess Half Marathon held by Run Disney and decided that running a marathon was something that I really wanted to do as a bucket list item. However, I didn’t end up signing up for this race.  I […]

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Ben Tillotson ‘15

Why are you running the L.A. Marathon? CMC needs a robust financial aid program to ensure that all of the brightest potential future leaders from around the world are able to attend. The best way to do this is fundraising. As a student I don’t personally have much to give, but hope that running the […]

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